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Use Our Handy Online Tool to Schedule a Maintenance Appointment for Your Toyota Vehicle

You can do many things to keep your Toyota model in excellent condition. One of the best things you can do is to visit our website to schedule a maintenance appointment at Shapen Toyota in Marshall. Here are a few common services we can perform on your Toyota car to make it more fuel efficient and help you avoid costly repairs.

Oil Changes

Checking the oil is one of the most important things we do at our Henderson area service center to keep your Toyota vehicle in good condition. Performing this regular maintenance service can help you avoid engine damage and other problems by lubricating the moving parts to prevent friction from occurring. Oil also helps cool down the engine so you will not experience engine overheating. Visit our website to schedule an oil change appointment if it has been more than six months since your last service.

Brake Service

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, having brake services is an essential part of keeping you safe as you drive around Longview. Worn-out brake pads and rotors can increase your Toyota vehicle's stopping distance and potentially lead to an accident. We offer brake services to ensure you can drive safely around Tyler and prevent other problems from a poor braking system. Bring your Toyota model to our service center near Shreveport immediately if you are experiencing braking issues.

Engine Fluid Check

Oil is one of many fluids that keep your engine in good condition. Other engine fluids are also essential for the health of your engine. Not only do they keep your Toyota car running properly, but they can also improve its fuel economy and promote engine longevity. Our technicians can check and replace all the fluids the engine needs to operate efficiently.

Schedule Service Online

There are many other services we provide Louisiana area customers. To schedule a day and time for your next maintenance appointment, fill out the online form above to let us know the service you need. It's simple and easy! You can fill out the form from your couch or wherever is convenient. Shapen Toyota proudly serves our community and the surrounding Texas areas.