Dear Valued Guest, 

If you have been shopping for a car lately, you may have discovered that finding your favorite Toyota is a little harder right now and prices are higher than usual. There is an historic global shortage of new vehicles due to several supply chain constraints. The buying process has changed and it has been an adjustment to us all. 

You may be asking yourself what is the process to pre-purchase a new vehicle. Most of our guest are ordering their vehicles in advance or selecting a vehicle from our incoming production. This allows you to get the vehicle you want in the shortest amount of time as possible. If you are looking for a new car soon, or within the next six months, we encourage you to start the process to reserve your vehicle. 

Alternatively, you can shop our pre-owned inventory. Our pre-owned inventory changes daily. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can usually find it for you. We also have a limited amount of new vehicle stock units available. 

While many dealers have taken this time to add "adjusted market values", Shapen Toyota has remained transparent, gaining the trust of our customers. We do not charge adjusted market values. Yes, these are different times now than ever before. And while many things have changed, and we all learn to navigate this new way, we have not changed. Our team is ready to assist you with finding the right car for you and making the process fun, simple and easy. 

Ken Shapen 
President and General Manager 
Shapen Toyota